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Sidesaddle Appointments and Show Attire
Virtual Seminar

Registration Closed

Sidesaddle Appointments and

Show Attire

Monday, February 26, 2024 at 7:00 PM-8:30 PM EST

This virtual seminar offers a complete review of USEF sidesaddle rules and other sidesaddle show rules.  Through this educational seminar, presented by Amy Magee of Black Diamond Designs, participants will learn how to step into the show ring dressed correctly with a winning look!

Seminar Objective

A virtual seminar to help participants understand the

rules and attire of showing aside.

Participant Materials Needed to Participate

  1. An updated, working computer with high-speed internet.

  2. A headset and microphone.  Please check these with your computer before the session.  Computers with a built-in microphone can also work, but participants with excessive background noise will be muted if distracting from the session.  Microphone optional--if you cannot speak, you can type your questions and answers if needed.

  3. (Optional) A webcam or built-in computer camera.

  4. A Discord account.  (Please note: if you already have participated in a Camp Leaping Horn virtual clinic, you will still have access to the main server.  Registering for the seminar will give you additional privileges and access in the same server.)

Participants will be sent instructions to participate via email before the event.  PLEASE NOTE: the instructions will be sent to the email used to register.  Everyone is encouraged to log in at 6:00 PM on the evening of the seminar to be checked-in, be given an overview of the platform, and deal with any possible technical issues.  No refunds will be issued for tech-related problems if the participant skips this part of the seminar. 

Participants have access to tech support throughout the seminar, have the opportunity to participate in text, audio, and video channels (as desired).  

We strive to create an inclusive, educational, and supportive space for interested parties to learn and grow their sidesaddle knowledge.  No refunds will be issued if a participant is removed for belligerent behavior.  

Featured Speaker: Amy Magee

Owner of Black Diamond Designs

Amy Magee has been enjoying the art of sidesaddle riding for almost 30 years. She started riding aside in high school, encouraged by her first riding instruction who casually rode aside as well. Her interest in the beauty of the saddles themselves intensified when she met saddler Reggie Elkins while working as a visiting nurse in the mid 1990’s. Reggie shared much of his sidesaddle  knowledge with her during their visits. Amy continued to ride and compete astride and  sidesaddle until an accident in 2001 caused significant trauma to her back, pelvis and left leg. Since then she has found riding aside most comfortable. She has spent countless hours expanding her knowledge base, building a sidesaddle collection and helping others enjoy this style of riding as much as she does. Amy spent a significant amount of time taking leatherwork lessons from saddler Ann McGrail, who apprenticed under Reggie Elkins, and has recently begun working with Master Saddler Michael Stokes from Centaur Saddlery. She also worked with the late Roger Philpot learning his tips and techniques for flocking the sidesaddle. 


In the saddle Amy has competed in many disciplines. Hunter derbies, dressage, eventing, and even point to point racing along with the standard USEF ladies sidesaddle division. She is always eager to answer Questions and assist new and veteran riders with needs they may have. 

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