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Horses Available for Lease

Horses are first come first serve.
Those who have reserved their place at camp get first choice.
Chucky is a 16.1 Chestnut, Thoroughbred, owned by a client of Black Horse Stables. He is a smooth, kind, straight forward gelding. He listens to voice commands: cluck to trot and kiss to canter. As you can see in our video he took great care of his rider.
Please email for more information.
Georgia is a 15.1 hand Paint Draft Cross. She is a super smooth and willing work horse.  She aims to please. As you can see in our video she has a very steady trot.
Owned by Black Horse Stables
Please email for more information.
Macaroni is the BEST, and he absolutely loves Camp Leaping Horn! Macaroni is a 14.2 chestnut Arabian pony. He is super sweet and willing to do anything for his rider. His regular job is to teach kids how to ride at a lesson stable, so he is very safe and dependable. Don’t let his small stature or age deter you – this pony is the PERFECT mount to learn to ride side saddle on. Last year, his rider was 5’9”, and she had a blast on him. He is willing to try anything, and has a great work ethic (which is not always typical for a pony!). Macaroni loves all the one-on-one care he receives at Camp Leaping Horn, and he quickly bonds with his rider. His favorite things are: treats of any kind, being loved, and being groomed. You are truly lucky if you are given the opportunity to ride Macaroni at camp.
(Bio contributed by Macaroni's 2017 CLH Camper.)
Owned by Black Fox Farm
Please email for more information.
Strider is a 17.3 Irish Sport horse gelding. He is a real hunt master and has done it all.
He is a true gentlemen though may enthusiastically hop into the canter. He may act like he is not fond of the saddle but he loves his job.
Owned by Black Fox Farm
Please email for more information.
Scribbles attended camp last year. He is a quiet school master. Been there done that. Jumps 2’6. Cannot Touch ears. Bridle needs to be taken apart.
Owned by Kim Horincewich
Please email for more information.
Danny has been to camp many times. Been there done that. No jumping. Only ground poles. Did up to third level dressage. Very easy going.
Please email for more information.
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