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Side Saddle Clinics

Camp Leaping Horn

We are excited to announce the return of Camp Leaping Horn at the USET

July 27-31, 2021.  Please visit our Summer CLH page for more details and the registration link.

Camp Leaping Horn is dedicated to inclusive side saddle education for everyone--no matter where they may be in the world!  With the cancellation of so many live events, we are excited to announce our series of virtual seminars, clinics, and workshops.  Please be sure to sign up for our email list, as those people will be notified first about registration as it becomes available.


Join Us Online

Before and After Camp!

What to expect when you come to side saddle camp.

The Experience

(A video)

Summer Location

Take a virtual tour of CLH's venue--

USET Headquarters! 

Come to camp if you would like to learn more about Side Saddle, side saddle riding, ride side saddle, how to ride side saddle, side saddle instructors, adult riding camp, adult horse back riding camp, ride sideways, sidesaddle, ride sidesaddle, how to start riding side saddle, how to start a horse side saddle, or would just like to have fun!  

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