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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about riding aside?  Submit them here, and we will have them answered by a side saddle instructor.  
I've never ridden side saddle before. Is CLH for me?

If you have a horse, we will do our best to fit your horse and you with a suitable side saddle. There is much to learn for both newbies and experienced riders. If you do not have a horse, please contact us to learn about possible options.  

What can a participant do other than ride?

We have classes, lectures, and vendors on site. There are also many equestrian shopping venues in the area.

What is a typical day like?

Mounted participants ride up to 2 times daily, with lectures and classes in between. There is time for private lessons with our excellent instructors, and time to just relax. We sometimes plan evening activities, which are optional.

Do I need a side saddle habit?

No! Regular riding clothes are sufficient. Even if you choose to participate in the fun show, habits are not required. If you want to borrow attire, other campers are often willing to share, and our vendors often have a selection from which you can purchase.  

Can I buy or lease a side saddle for my horse?

We do not lease saddles, but many are available to buy. Some of our folks are generous enough to lend their equipment. We will help you with fitting.  Contact us if you will need to borrow or purchase a saddle for camp.

How much does it cost to attend camp?

For information on the cost of attending camp, as well as amenities for your horse, please visit the pricing page. 

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