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Angela Greer

By day, Angela is a veteran high school biology teacher; by weekend, an impassioned side saddle fox hunter in the New York/New Jersey area.


Although Angela has been riding astride for over fifty years, side saddle is a relatively new challenge for her within the last decade. She began riding competitively as a junior equitation rider, having some success with OTTBs. A brief ten-year stint as a professional, she dabbled in the hunter, jumper, and dressage arenas, wherever her current horse or clients dictated. During her riding career, she has always looked to learn from and emulate the best. As a result, Angela has been lucky to have ridden with many icons in the industry: Mike Hennigan, Peter Leone, Anne Kursinski, Michael Matz, Kathy Kusner, Robert Dover, Heidi Erickson, our own Anne Moss, and the late but never forgotten Roger Philpot. Each of these amazing riders/instructors, as well as the horses she has been privileged to ride, have taught and continue to teach her to be a better horseman and person. 


This will be her 5th CLH! As an instructor, Angela hopes she can impart to you the technical skills and confidence to follow your side saddle passions whatever they may be.

Heidi Opdyke


Heidi has been riding side saddle for 25 years and has been an advanced instructor for 22 years. She has received Instruction from some of the best SS teachers in the world - Betty Skelton, Billette Mackie and Roger Philpot. Heidi showed horses extensively in England to the top level and has ridden most disciplines aside. She now regularly hunts side saddle with Spring Valley Hounds. She has also showed here in the states on her husband’s hunt horse, Curtis (Suffolk Punch) and says that even though he is not a typical show horse, he’s good fun.   Heidi is an SSA certified “A” level instructor as well as an SSA certified SS judge.


“My aim is to create the safest seat and most elegant picture I can...when these are achieved the side saddle rider should be in a position to ride almost any horse and be able to get the best from that horse.”

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