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A virtual seminar to help participants understand the basic anatomy of what makes up our “core” musculature, it’s implications for stability of our movement patterns, breathing mechanics, and posture all of which impact our riding position and performance.
Seminar will cover:

1) Introduction to basic anatomy of the abdomen and spine
2) Identification of key muscle groups every rider needs at their center
3) Breathing mechanics- what’s typical and what’s ideal, implications for
our nervous system
4) Pelvic alignment and common rider faults that lead to back pain (with
some tricks to fix)
5) Importance of posture out of the saddle as much as in the saddle
6) Core exercises most pertinent to riders (do these exercises!)



***Instructions for seminar participation will be emailed to customers to the email used to purchase the seminar session.***  

Online Seminar: Getting to the Core of It

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